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We are from PT. HARVEST GEMILANG INDONESIA located in Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia. Our company has been producing and processing cassava into quality Native Tapioca Starch. Tapioca Starch from our company is the result of cassava extraction.

By using modern technology operated by experienced experts and strict quality control, we produce the best quality and Halal tapioca starch.

Exploring Tapioca Starch

Tapioca starch is a product derived from cassava roots. Apart from direct consumption, tapioca starch has many other uses in the food industry. Tapioca starch is an ingredient in seasoning powder (MSG) and sweetener products, and has many uses in other industries, including the paper and textile industries.

Cassava has many names across many continents. The English word is cassava, but in South American in the area around Brazil it is called madioca. In Africa where French is spoken it is called manioc. In Spanish-speaking countries it is called yuca. Here in Asia we call it tapioca.

Multiple Uses of Tapioca Starches

Food and Beverage Industries

Enhancing textures and thickening consistency in various culinary applications.

Sweetener Industries

Contributing to the production of natural and gluten-free sweeteners.

Textile Industry

Providing a sustainable alternative in fabric finishing and sizing processes.

Paper Industry

Improving the strength and quality of paper products.

Glue Industry

Acting as a key component in adhesive formulations.

Plywood Industry

Enhancing the binding properties of plywood manufacturing.

MSG and Lysine Industries

Playing a crucial role in the production of food additives and nutritional supplements.

Medical Industry

Utilized in pharmaceutical formulations for its unique properties.

Biodegradable Materials

Supporting the development of eco-friendly packaging and products.

Charcoal Briquette

Offering a sustainable binder for charcoal production.

Certificate of Brand Cap Bintang 4

Certificate of Brand Cap Bunga Raya

Our Products

Tapioca Starch

Product origin Indonesia (Sumatera Island)
25kg / 50kg
Fast Content
:   0.11%
Moisture Content
:   7.63%
Ash Content
:   0.17%
:   0.10%
pH(10% solution)
:   6.81%

Raw Honey Acacia

Product origin Indonesia (Sumatera Island)
100% Natural Honey
Moisture Content +/- 20% to 22%
Honey Color
Model of Product
Farm Honey
Type of Bees
Apis Millifera
Place of Delivery : Port Belawan, Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia


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